Harmony Explosion Camp

Welcome to the 2013 Harmony Explosion Camp.  The objective of this camp is to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment where approximately 100 High School and College Age Students can come together to sing Acappella music in the Barbershop Style.  The camp will consist of a men’s chorus and a ladies chorus and each group will perform on stage in front of a live audience on the Saturday night show.

2013 Staff

Camp Director:   Dave Zimmerman

Men’s Director:   Bryan Hughes

Lady’s Director:   Molly Huffman

Camp Coordinator:  Colin Craig
This year’s camp will once again be encouraging quartet and ensemble and coaching.  The goal is to assemble and rehearse multiple quartets from which at least 3 men’s and ladies quartets or ensembles will be selected to perform on stage during the show.  These groups will be coached separately by highly qualified Barbershoppers during the camp.  If you have ever wanted to sing in a quartet or small ensemble this is the perfect time to give it a try.

Camp Signup Forms

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Music & Learning Tracks

Music, schedules and final details will be sent to the homes of registered campers beginning in June 2013, and you can download the learning tracks below:
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Men’s Tracks

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Women’s Tracks

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