Fall 2016 Contest Results

Hello everyone and greetings from the 2016 Cardinal District Fall Convention! My, oh my, what a fun weekend we have planned with a lot of amazing quartets and choruses walking across the stage here in Plainfield! Below, you will find all the score sheets and awards information from the contests that happen this weekend as they become available. Results will be available approximately 10 minutes after each contest segment with official scoresheets being available approximately 45 minutes after each contest segment. Enjoy, and as always, Keep the Whole World Singing!

Jordan A Busboom
Marketing & PR Director
Cardinal District

Quartet Finals Draw

MT. Once Upon A Time
1. Midwest Vocal Authority
2. The Rush
3. Exit 29
4. Turf Club Four
5. The Guyer Boys
6. The Collective
7. Home Stretch
8. Time Bandits

Click here for the complete Quartet Semi Finals Scoresheet.

Chorus Contest Results
Most Improved Chorus: South Bend Mishawaka

3rd Place: Louisville- 77.4%
2nd Place: Greater Indianapolis- 81.8%
1st Place & International Rep: Elizabethtown- 85.4%

Click here for the complete Chorus Contest Scoresheet.

Congratulations to Jerry Troxel for being the 2016 Inductee into the Cardinal District Hall of Fame!


Quartet Contest Results

Novice Quartet Champions: Midwest Vocal Authority
Senior Quartet Rep to MidWinter: Time Bandits

3rd Place: The Guyer Boys- 69.6%
2nd Place: Time Bandits- 73.0%
1st Place and 2016 District Quartet Champions: The Collective- 75.8%

Click here for the complete Quartet Finals Scoresheet.

Congratulations to Forefrontfor being named the 2016 Cardinal District Quartet of the Year!