Board of Directors

Don Green
E-mail: dgreen@farmjournal.com

Executive Vice President
Jim Boatright
E-mail: brick63jim@gmail.com

Immediate Past President
Gregory Busch
E-mail: greg1360@comcast.net

John Powers
E-mail: john@thepowersfamily.us

Paul Gabriel
E-mail: paulgabr@hotmail.com

Vice President of Events
Jim DeBusman
E-mail: jdebusman@att.net

Vice President of Leadership Development

Board Member at Large
Jordan Busboom
E-mail: jbusboom@cardinaldistrict.org

Board Member at Large
Bari Courts
E-mail: blcourts@gmail.com

Operations Team

Music & Performance

Director of Music & Performance
Bryan Hughes
E-mail: pastorbryanhughes@gmail.com

Director of Chorus Director Development
Ariel Cudworth
Email: acudworth@ncs.k12.in.us

Director of Quartet Development

Director of Contest & Judging
Kyle Kitzmiller
E-mail: kakitzmiller@gmail.com

Membership Services

Director of Member Services
D. Joey Larr
E-mail: djlarr@hotmail.com

Director of Communications
Jerry Troxel
E-mail: jerry@troxels.com


Director of Youth in Harmony
Kohl Kitzmiller
E-mail: icekohl815@gmail.com

Director of Collegiate Outreach
Theo Hicks
E-mail: trhicks@anderson.edu

District Harmony Foundation Director
Bruce Wittgren
E-mail: itsbarbershoptime@gmail.com

Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Jordan Busboom
E-mail: jbusboom@cardinaldistrict.org

Other District Contacts

District Registrar
Gary Sicard
E-mail: gary@thesicards.com

District Awards Chairman
Steve McCullough
E-mail: sirspamalot1@yahoo.com

District Webmaster
Jordan Busboom
E-mail: jbusboom@cardinaldistrict.org

Society Board Member Liaison for the Cardinal District