Senior Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Name Chapter(s)
2015 Crosstown Sound Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne
2014 Once Upon a Time Mammoth Cave
2013 Old Frenzamine
2012 It’s Time Louisville #1, Mammoth Cave
2011 Our Next Quartet
2010 Three Longs and a Short Renssalaer
2008 Stage Struck
2007 Valley 4
2006 Hoosier Gentry Ft. Wayne
2005 River City Rhythm Ft. Wayne
2004 Evening Shade Vincennes, Terre Haute
2003 Expressions Greater Indianapolis, Muncie
2002 Duly Noted South Bend – Mishawaka
2001 Rustic Gold Vincennes, Terre Haute, Frank Thorne
2000 The Barons Lexington, Ashland
1999 The Barons Lexington
1998 Four At A Time Greater Indianapolis
1997 The Barons Lexington
1996 The Note Factory Vincennes, Evansville and Terre Haute
1995 Ladz  of Autumn Evansville and Terre Haute
1994 Boyz of Autumn Evansville and Terre Haute
1993 Way Over 40-Four Louisville
1992 The Goldenaires Lexington

* International Senior Quartet Champions