2019 Fall Convention Updates

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Quartet Semi-Finals Draw

MT. Insight
1. That’s Life
2. The Rush
3. Go Figure!
4. The Guyer Boys
5. Mic Jesters
6. Major Lift
7. Coalition
8. Turf Club Four
9. cityScape
10. Three Handsome Gentlemen
11. Brothers of a Chord
12. Home Stretch

No awards will be given out after the Quartet Semi-Finals.

Chorus Contest Draw

MT. Chordlighters (Columbus-Greenwood)
1. The Caveman Chorus (Mammoth Cave)
2. Thoroughbreds (Louisville)
3. Sounds of Indiana (Bloomington)
4. Summit City Chorus (Fort Wayne)

Chorus Contest Results

Most Improved Chorus – Thoroughbreds
3rd Place – Summit City Chorus
2nd Place – The Caveman Chorus
1st Place – Thoroughbreds
International Representative – Thoroughbreds
Click here for the official Chorus Contest Scoresheet.

Quartet Finals Draw

MT. Playlist
1. Mic Jesters Quartet
2. The Guyer Boys
3. The Rush
4. Brothers of a Chord
5. Three Handsome Gentlemen
6. cityScape
7. Major Lift Quartet
8. Turf Club Four
9. Coalition
10. Home Stretch

Quartet Contest Results

Novice Champions – Brothers of a Chord
International Senior Quartet Representative to 2020 Midwinter – cityScape
3rd Place – Mic Jesters
2nd Place – The Guyer Boys
1st Place & 2019 Quartet Champions – cityScape
Click here for the official Quartet Contest Scoresheet.
Click here for the official Seniors Quartet Contest Scoresheet.