2020 Fall Convention CANCELED!

Fall Convention 2020: Cardinal District members: The BHS recently announced that all district conventions have been canceled for the fall. Actually, the CAR Board had decided to cancel a few weeks ago, but we were asked by BHS to hold off the announcement until all districts had made a decision. BHS simply wanted a single, unified announcement. But I thought I would at least make it clear that our district board officially canceled our fall convention. While we certainly would rather be having a fall convention, it is not safe given the current environment. So we move on.

Spring Convention 2021: Next on the schedule is the Spring convention which will be in Dayton, OH, and will be co-hosted by the Johnny Appleseed District (JAD) and the Cardinal District (CAR). This has been planned for almost 2 years now and was originally scheduled just to have something different for both districts. Who knew at the time it might turn out to be our first convention in almost 2 years! As we approach the Spring 2021 convention dates, we will be sure to communicate some of the awesome things we have planned.

Until then, keep Zooming!

Bari Courts
Cardinal District President