The Fall Convention has been canceled. Details below.


To my fellow Cardinal Singers!

After much review and lengthy discussions this weekend, the events teams have recommended and the District Boards have agreed- it is with great disappointment that we must cancel the joint CAR/JAD Fall Convention Oct 8-9, 2021.  

The leadership has been carefully following the uptick in COVID infections which are primarily a result of the Delta variant. A careful view of projections from the CDC in Dayton, OH suggests that the level of community transmission is unlikely to be in the moderate or low zone by early October. We have also obtained information based on mathematical and CDC infectious disease modeling which suggests that case counts in our region will remain high enough that it is a virtual certainty that at least one person in a room of 600+ people at our convention will be infected with COVID regardless of vaccination status ( 

 We have considered four issues:

  • With community spread increasing over the next several weeks, the risk of choruses rehearsing especially indoors is higher than it was before – this decreases the safe preparation time for our convention.
  • The Delta variant is very contagious and has resulted in a significant number of breakthrough infections (that is, vaccinated people are getting infected) – fortunately, the vaccines are protective in reducing the severity of illness, hospitalizations and deaths.
  • The efficacy of the vaccines in preventing illness is diminishing.  This is a normal course of events for vaccines and that is why boosters are given. A large fraction of our demographic is older than 65 and many likely got their vaccines in the first quarter of this year.  With the current policies, this population will not be able to get boosters in time for the convention, which further elevates the risk.
  • Other measures, including protocols on vaccinations, negative tests, and mask wearing, could reduce risk of a COVID exposure or a subsequent super-spreader event at our convention, but this risk would still be extremely high. 

Given this information, we do not believe that we can put on a successful event with the safety measures that our venue would require in order to protect those in attendance. 

If you’ve already purchased your ticket for the Fall Convention, we will be processing refunds in a timely manner so that you get your money back. If you booked a room at a hotel please call them to cancel your reservation as soon as you are able, so that you do not get charged.

I know we all want to get together to sing and reconnect with our friends and family in song – we are HEARTBROKEN about this. The decision was not an easy one, but was the best decision to protect the health and safety of all our members, families, and friends.  We look forward to resuming conventions and competitions in Spring 2022 and will of course keep you informed as plans take shape.

In Harmony, 

Willard Adkins
Cardinal District President