Yearly Highlights
Indiana-Kentucky Association of Chapters staged first chorus contest, second in Society, September 26. Terre Haute, champions, directed by Carl C. Jones. Four Shades of Harmony placed fifth in International Quartet Contest in Oklahoma City.

District Quartet Champion
Minor Chords | Four Shades of Harmony
Tenor:  Jack Beeson | Mel Jenkins
Lead:  Harry Rowe | Bob Sisson
Bari:   Carl A. Jones | Kenny Roman
Bass:  Carl C. Jones | Conway Harrold

District Chorus Champion
Chorus:   Banks of the Wabash
Chapter:   Terre Haute

International Quartet Competitor(s) (Oklahoma City)
Four Shades of Harmony - Finished 5
Harmonairs - Finished 8
Varsity Four - Finished 10
Songfellows - Finished 12