Yearly Highlights
First Society and District COTS for district historians conducted by Bill Watson in Indianapolis, November 18-19. Cardinal District historical display awarded first place at San Antonio convention.

District Quartet Champion
Promissory Notes
Tenor:  Tony Millspaugh
Lead:  Mark Bonahoom
Bari:   Gaylord Miller
Bass:  Brian Doepke

Novice Quartet Champion
Final Four

District Chorus Champion
Chorus:   Summit City Chorus
Chapter:   Fort Wayne

Plateau Champions
Plateau AA Champion:  Kentuckians
Plateau A Champion:  Pokagon Pitch Pipers

Most Improved Chorus
Most Improved Chorus (Fall): Greater Indianapolis

International Quartet Competitor(s) (San Antonio)
Second Edition - Finished 2
Sound System - Finished 44
Promissory Notes - Finished 46

International Chorus Competitor(s) (San Antonio)
Chapter:  Louisville
Director:  Allen Hatton
Rank:  2

Small Bulletin
Editor: Paul Gabriel
Chapter: Fort Wayne
Publication: The Score

International Bulletin
Editor: Don Robinson
Rank: 14

Editor: Frank Bunton
Rank: 26

Yearly Awards
Barbershopper of the Year:  Roger Davidson
Chapter of the Year:  Evansville
Quartet of the Year:  Sound System
Area Counselor of the Year:  Bob Demler