Yearly Highlights
Ernie Nickoson is re-elected as International President for 1994. The Summit City Chorus won the Buckeye Invitational Contest in August. Cardinal District celebrated its 50th Anniversary during the Fall Convention. Paul Izdepski was named as District Historian after Bill Watson’s death in an automobile accident.

District Quartet Champion
Tenor:  Virgil Sauls
Lead:  Dave Sauls
Bari:   Don Sauls
Bass:  Chris Gregory

Novice Quartet Champion
Highland Express

Senior Quartet Champion
Way Over 40-Four

District Chorus Champion
Chorus:   Summit City Chorus
Chapter:   Fort Wayne

Plateau Champions
Plateau AAAA Champion:  Summit City Chorus
Plateau AAA Champion:  Valleyaires
Plateau AA Champion:  Masters of Harmony
Plateau A Champion:  Men of Note

Most Improved Chorus
Most Improved Chorus (Fall): Ashland

International Quartet Competitor(s) (Calgary)
Back Stage Pass - Finished 35
Motive - Finished 39

International Chorus Competitor(s) (Calgary)
Chapter:  Greater Indianapolis
Director:  Tom Gentil
Rank:  19

Small Bulletin
Editor: Robert Evanson
Chapter: Lafayette
Publication: Tippeca-News

Editor: Mike Van Cleave
Chapter: Muncie
Publication: Magic City Music Gazzette

International Bulletin
Editor: Alvin Ries
Rank: 6

Editor: Paul Izdepski
Rank: 25

Hall of Fame Individual Inductee(s)
Ron Bashia
Morey Jennings
Tom Morris
Chuck Nasser
Bill Watson

Yearly Awards
Barbershopper of the Year:  Scott Beverley
Chapter of the Year:  Lake County
Quartet of the Year:  Back Stage Pass
Area Counselor of the Year:  Harold Johnson