Yearly Highlights
The Louisville Times Chorus, in a narrow victory, upset the Louisville Thoroughbreds to win the International Chorus Preliminary Contest, qualifying them to represent Cardinal District at the international competition in Indianapolis in 1997. The Thoroughbreds’ performance, however, did qualify them as a wild card entry into the Indianapolis contest. The Cardinal District mourned the loss of three dedicated long-time barbershoppers, Paul Izdepski, Jerry Kissinger, and Jerry McPhee.1997 The Louisville Times placed 6th and wildcard entry Louisville Thoroughbreds placed 14th in the International Chorus Contest in Indianapolis. Michigan Jake placed 8th in the International Quartet Contest. In the International Bulletin Contest, Warren Donaldson (Louisville) won 1st place and Brad McAlexander (Greater Indianapolis won most improved.

District Quartet Champion
Inside Track
Tenor:  Ken Limerick
Lead:  Paul Fernando
Bari:   Clay Shumard
Bass:  Vince Winans

Senior Quartet Champion
The Note Factory

Plateau Champions
Plateau AAAA Champion:  Banks of the Wabash
Plateau AAA Champion:  Singing Kernels

Most Improved Chorus
Most Improved Chorus (Fall): Columbus/Greenwood

International Quartet Competitor(s) (Salt Lake City)
Michigan Jake - Finished 10
Tabasco Cats - Finished 29

International Chorus Competitor(s) (Salt Lake City)
Chapter:  Louisville
Director:  Ken Buckner
Rank:  8

Small Bulletin
Editor: Howard Waltersdorf
Chapter: Terre Haute
Publication: Ripples on the Wabash

International Bulletin
Editor: Alvin Ries
Rank: 1

Editor: Brad McAlexander
Rank: 26

Hall of Fame Individual Inductee(s)
Con Harrold

Yearly Awards
Barbershopper of the Year:  Jerald Hatton
Chapter of the Year:  Greater Indianapolis
Quartet of the Year:  Michigan Jake