District Quartet Champion
Tenor:  Garry Texeira
Lead:  Kevin Hughes
Bari:   Aaron Hughes
Bass:  Brian O'Dell

Novice Quartet Champion
The Reen Family Singers (Fall)

Senior Quartet Champion
Three Longs and a Short

Collegiate Quartet Champion
Instant Classic

District Chorus Champion
Chorus:   Kentucky Vocal Union
Chapter:   Elizabethtown

Plateau Champions
Plateau AAAA Champion:  Valleyaires
Plateau AAA Champion:  Kentuckians
Plateau AA Champion:  Sounds of Indiana

Most Improved Chorus
Most Improved Chorus (Fall): Louisville #1
Most Improved AAAA Chorus:  South Bend - Mishawaka
Most Improved AAA Chorus:  Lexington
Most Improved AA Chorus:  Bloomington

International Quartet Competitor(s) (Philadelphia)
Forefront - Finished 13
Heatwave - Finished 36
65 South - Finished 45

International Senior Quartet Competitor(s) (Tampa)
River City Rhythm - Finished 19

International Collegiate Quartet Competitor(s) (Philadelphia)
Instant Classic - Finished 10

International Chorus Competitor(s) (Philadelphia)
Chapter:  Greater Indianapolis
Director:  Garry Texeira
Rank:  13

International Bulletin
Editor: Jerry Troxel
Type: Hardcopy
Rank: 3

Editor: Ted Hinkle
Type: Electronic
Rank: 4

Hall of Fame Individual Inductee(s)
Dave Duncan

Hall of Fame Quartet Inductee(s)
Tonsil Klackers
Dennis Fisher
Jean Hall
Kenneth Green
Lonnie LaBaw

Yearly Awards
Barbershopper of the Year:  Kurt Vogel
Chapter of the Year:  Muncie
Quartet of the Year:  Forefront