Yearly Highlights
Forefront placed 6th in the International Quartet Contest, in Kansas City. On the Fritz placed 7th in the International Collegiate Quartet Contest. Our chorus representatives were Kentucky Vocal Union (Elizabethtown, KY), placing 6th, and Circle City Sound (Gtr. Indianapolis), placing 16th. In the International Bulletin Contest, Jerry Troxel (Gtr. Indianapolis) won 1st place.

District Quartet Champion
Instant Classic
Tenor:  David Zimmerman
Lead:  Theo Hicks
Bari:   Kohl Kitzmiller
Bass:  Kyle Kitzmiller

Novice Quartet Champion
The 7ths (Fall)

Senior Quartet Champion
Our Next Quartet

District Chorus Champion
Chorus:   Kentucky Vocal Union
Chapter:   Elizabethtown

Plateau Champions
Plateau AAAA Champion:  Summit City Chorus
Plateau AAA Champion:  Kentuckians

Most Improved Chorus
Most Improved AAAA Chorus:  Fort Wayne
Most Improved AAA Chorus:  Lexington

International Quartet Competitor(s) (Kansas City)
Forefront - Finished 6
The Daddy-Ohs! - Finished 43
Anthem - Finished 48

International Senior Quartet Competitor(s) (Las Vegas)
Three Longs and A Short - Finished 22

International Collegiate Quartet Competitor(s) (Kansas City)
On the Fritz - Finished 6
The Chris Bateson Experience - Finished 18

International Chorus Competitor(s) (Kansas City)
Chapter:  Elizabethtown
Director:  Aaron Dale
Rank:  6

Chapter:  Greater Indianapolis
Director:  Garry Texeira
Rank:  16

Small Bulletin
Editor: S. Jean Hall
Chapter: Lafayette
Publication: Tippecanotes

International Bulletin
Editor: Jerry Troxel
Type: Hardcopy
Rank: 1

Editor: Jerry Daiker
Type: Electronic
Rank: 1

Yearly Awards
Barbershopper of the Year:  Greg Busch
Chapter of the Year:  Louisville
Quartet of the Year:  The Reen Family Singers