Do you know someone who has simply been indispensable for the Cardinal District? When you think of the perfect Cardinal District barbershopper, who immediately comes to your mind?  Do they fit the following criteria?

Qualifications for membership is limited to those persons or quartets, whose continuing contributions to the Cardinal District span not less than ten (10) years.  Their contributions may have been in various levels of the organization, such as Administrative, Musical, or both.  These levels include Chapter, District, or Society, and must be in the nature of service or activities that have added to the over-all well being of the Cardinal District, and the furtherance of the hobby.  Basic criteria may include, but are not limited to the following:  Quarteting, Chorus Directing, Coaching, Contest judging, Composing, Arranging, Publishing, Administration, Promotion, Teaching, etc.

If so – then you have a nominee for the Cardinal District Hall of Fame!  Download the following form, fill it out, and send to for review.

Download Nomination Form