Harmony Explosion will GROW with your help!

Harmony Explosion is a youth camp sponsored every year by the Cardinal District.  This is the only time where we can get both boys and girls alike to work for 4 days and nights with some of the best barbershoppers in the Midwest!  Every year this camp a raging success and last year was no exception!  With seasoned clinicians Deb Bringman and Theo Hicks, the camp was bound to be fun.  Some of our district’s most beloved quartets such as Keep ‘Em Guessin’ and Instant Classic made a guest appearance on the Saturday evening show.

Every year, this camp grows in sheer number.  We, the Harmony Explosion staff, would like to keep seeing the camp grow!  This year, the staff has been doubled from 4 people to 8 people so we can allow even more room for expansion.  The last year, we had nearly 100 kids at the youth camp.  Next year, we would like to see attendance somewhere in the range of 120-130 campers or more!  We are also looking into inviting both a male and a female teaching quartet for each chorus.  We have penciled in The Academy and GQ as prospects for next year!

The Harmony Explosion Staff seeks to provide the campers with the absolute best experience possible.  Every year so far, we have been able to offer an affordable scholarship for every kid who needs financial support.  In the past years, this scholarship has been in jeopardy of being removed, but we are trying everything in our power to keep this scholarship in place.  We strive to ensure every camper has the same opportunity to go.

With the camp growing in size and popularity every year, it becomes harder to afford this growth, and it limits our opportunity for expansion.  As long as Harmony Explosion is funded, the sky is the limit to how much we can do, so for the first year ever, we are actively seeking out donations.

There are a couple ways to donate to Harmony Explosion online!  If you navigate to:


At the bottom of that page, there is a button that will take you to our donation page where you have the option to donate whatever you’d like!  Also, when you register for each Cardinal District Convention, on Eventbrite registration page there is an option to donate to Harmony Explosion.

Every donation that is made helps make this camp more affordable for campers, it allows us to keep the scholarship program in place, and it helps us bring back our excellent clinicians and afford to bring in teaching quartets!  Your donations are greatly appreciated and it will help the camp grow more than you can imagine.

Thank you all!

Cardinal HX Staff