Interstate Rivals

1987 International Champion - Interstate Rivals

Quartet Biography

The Interstate Rivals formed in August of 1982, and in October of the same year were crowned Cardinal District Champions. In July of 1983, they made their first appearance on the International competition stage in Seattle and finished in tenth place. This early competitive success continued by jumping to sixth, third, and then second place silver medalists over the next three years. Their ascent up the international ladder was culminated in July 1987 by winning the gold medal in Hartford, CT. Following a career that saw them perform in over thirty states and seven foreign countries, the RivalsÕ final appearance as an active quartet was in August 1991 in Anacortes, WA. The individual members of the quartet have since continued on to each win more gold medals with other quartets: lead Joe Connelly with Keepsake in 1992, Platinum in 2000 and Old School in 2011; tenor Kipp Buckner with Gas House Gang in 1993 and Old School in 2011; and Jay Hawkins and Paul Gilman as bass and baritone of the 1995 champion Marquis. The Rivals are the only championship quartet in SPEBSQSA history to have all four members repeat as champions.  

Quartet Members

Tenor: Kipp Buckner
Lead: Joe Connelly
Baritone: Paul Gilman
Bass: Jay Hawkins

Quartet Accomplishments

1987 BHS International Champion
International Reprentative: 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986
1982 District Quartet Champion